Fields of application

« Fix-E-Z » Versatile wood brace leg connector for stakes, posts, tutors, fences and light wood construction, can be used whenever a force applied to a wooden post is likely to cause it to tilt, sag or fall.

  •  This effort may come from the installation of stretched wires between the posts, the weight of the final covering of your installation, the nature of your land, its exposure to the wind or the passage of animals or people etc.


There are many applications for individuals and professionals alike such as for example :

  • Trellising, guying, staking of plants of all types,
  • Fences, delimitations, beacons, borders of properties, forests, enclosures, chicken coops, swimming pools or water points…
  • Maintaining posts of all sections and sizes on small exterior carpentry structures such as Awnings, Sun Shades, Shelters and Sheds, Drying Racks…


“Fix-E-Z” is particularly suitable for the following professional uses :

  • The Agricultural and Landscaping sector in the broad sense including Livestock farming, Arboriculture, Viticulture, Forestry,
  • The public sector : Town halls, communities, states or regions to effectively and sustainably develop landscaped and forest areas, city gardens, natural parks, craft areas, industrial or residential areas, tourist sites, amusement and activity parks …

"Fix-E-Z" connector is totally versatile

Connector installation variants

35° bracing

“Fix-E-Z” versatile wood brace leg connector for stakes, posts, tutors, fences and light wood construction has been designed for simple and solid installation with an inclination of approximately 35°. This installation ensures excellent bracing of the post, and offers the following advantages :

  • Avoiding the operation of angular cutting of the wood brace leg,
  • On flat ground, the same model of post or stake or tutor can be used indifferently in one or the other of the vertical or inclined positions, and without having to cut it in length. This significantly simplifies procurement and implementation.

35° bracing for guying

“Fix-E-Z” is also ideal for guying all devices. All you have to do is install the « post+leg+connector » assembly with the appropriate tilt.

Free angle bracing

This type of installation is of little interest from a support performance point of view, it is however possible to perform an installation with a much more open angle (45° &+) by making an angular cut adapted to your wish on the support leg (see example below) :