New ! French patented Innovation

Universal wood brace leg fixing

* For posts, stakes, tutors and fences

* For light timber constructions

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We present to you the very first and only multi-purpose fixing available on the market to securely, durably and simply fix a wood brace leg on the post that it needs to reinforce.


Characteristics and advantages :

  • The wood brace leg connector is compatible with all types of stakes, posts, tutors  or any other round, ½ round, ¼ round and square timber from 50mm in section and up to 120mm and more
  • The fixing method is accessible to all due to its simplicity, it is also much less intrusive for the wood : 4 staples and screws (small and well located so as not to split the wood) permanently anchor the connector between the post and its wood brace leg
  • This avoids a large weakening angular cut on the wood brace leg as well as the use of a screw or a large diameter and crossing nail which splits the wood (90% during installation… and in 100% of cases after only a few weeks), reducing to zero your work, and the unique function of the wood brace leg to hold the post in position
  • The elimination of the large weakening angular cut on the one hand (case of a common installation at 35°), and the reduction of the aggression brought to the wood during screwing brings more ease, safety, solidity, and durability to your installation
  • No waste ! Let’s save Time, Wood & Money !

Point of attention for the robustness and lifespan of your installation :

Note that stakes or posts or tutors, especially in the corners, at the beginnings, and at the ends of lines, are the backbone of your fence or installation. It is in these places that you must pay particular attention because the robustness and lifespan of your installation totally depends on it.


If you don’t change anything…


If you like a job well done, once and for all,

Use “Fix-E-Z” wood brace leg connector for stakes, posts, tutors, fences and light wood construction, and follow these good tips.

Where to place wood brace legs and their fixings ?

Eco-Designed & French manufactured

« Fix-E-Z » wood brace leg connector for stakes, posts, tutors, fences and light wood construction is the result of a French eco-design offering total versatility.

A single piece for all cases of use, delivered flat, ready to be formed (without tools) by the user according to the type of wood to be fixed, having the following advantages:

  • A single tool for its manufacture
  • Less space for storage
  • Less risk of stock obsolescence
  • Less packaging and labeling
  • Fewer references to manage and associated entries